Client Reviews of our Pest Control Company

We have been listed on Angie’s List for more than 6 years and received the 2016 Super Service Award.

Read some of our reviews from Angies List:

Perfectly! Wasps are all gone!
[Norwalk] Overall Rating: A

Super! Haven’t had any rodents. Hopefully, they will stay out with the traps.
[Ft. Myers] Overall Rating: A

Very well – he was punctual and reasonably priced and the bee and bug issues are gone.
[Stamford] Overall Rating: A

It went well. He showed up on time and found the roach hide out and treat the area.
[Jersey] Overall Rating: A

They did a great job and now I’m just seeing a few leftover ants staggering around from time to time.
[Wilton] Overall Rating: A

The guys were amazing! They are extremely knowledgeable and flexible with time. They are prompt and super great service. We have been using them for since June 2015.
[Norwalk] Overall Rating: A

Saab (business owner) was able to come out within a couple days of first request. He listened to my concerns and customized the treatment plan accordingly. It was immediately effective with eradicating our carpenter ant problem. We have had return of the spiders, for which he came back a second time. He will come for two more quarterly visits as part of the promotion.
[Ridgefield] Overall Rating: A

I discovered a hornets’ nest right next to the house and, with a small child, wanted it dealt with asap. I called and they come right out that afternoon. They sprayed the nest. I am pleased with the service and felt the price was fair.
[Norwalk] Overall Rating: A

Very prompt and professional.
[New Canaan] Overall Rating: A

The exterminator arrived on schedule and performed the work as described for the price we agreed upon. Very professional and friendly. We are pleased with the work.
[Cos Cob] Overall Rating: A

Helped us resolve rodent problem by setting traps and coming back to check on them. Successful resolution of rodent problem with traps and figuring out where the point of entry was. Cleaned up the droppings for us as well as the traps. Very pleasant service for a not so pleasant situation.
[Greenwich] Overall Rating: A

We don’t have any more bees. He was on time. He was efficient. There were no additional charges. It was very fast actually. I really didn’t really know, to tell you the truth, if that was the proper treatment for bees because I’d never had that before, but whatever he did, he did quickly, efficiently and the bees where gone. I guess I am waiting this summer to see if they’ll come back. I didn’t feel like I was overcharged.  He was a very nice man and he did his job. He answered right away. We didn’t have any problems with him calling us. He didn’t call us afterwards to see if the bees where gone but he did leave his number and he said if there is any problem we should just give him a call. We are not dissatisfied in anyway.
[Stamford] Overall Rating: A

I purchased a deal for a preventive exterior ant treatment. It was fine. They were very polite, courteous, and on time. They did a good job.
[Fairfield] Overall Rating: A

After hearing scratching in the attic and not sleeping all night I called before business hours and the owner picked up anyway. He was at my house diagnosing the issue and resolving it within a half hour. Very impressive.
[Norwalk] Overall Rating: A

I purchased a deal from them for preventative interior and exterior ant treatment. They did a good job with the service. They showed up on time and were professional.
[Anup] Overall Rating: A

Sprayed for wasps, spiders, and ants. Checked where the wasp nest was and took care of it. They came and walked around. Answered some of my questions about things that were of concern. Nice, pleasant. Haven’t seen any pests since. I will probably renew my annual contract with them.
[Louise] Overall Rating: A

It was a good service and there was decent communication. It was fine. I was very satisfied.
[Faye] Overall Rating: A

I have a dog and cat. When we noticed we had flea problem, we thought we could take care of it. After two weeks of trying, I called this company and Saab answered. He was patient to listen my situation and he answered all my questions (I was still thinking about doing it myself…) giving me what products work the best, what to do. I felt he wasn’t all about selling his business but also considerate of my wishes. I felt heard by Saab. I figured in terms of cost and hassle, it was worth for me to hire him. Up front, he explain what to expect, what he would do if I should have more problems. He was honest and made good on what he said. He was prompt in his responses and very easy to work with. I am now flea free and I recommend this comany and Saab highly.
[Jennifer] Overall Rating: A

We had a a ant problem. They resolved the problem with ease and eficiency! I would highly recommend this company.
[Rosemary] Overall Rating: A

All went well. I placed a service call and had the owner at my home within 30 minutes — luckily for me he was just leaving another client. He came in and did an inspection of site, knew immediately what the issue was and took action to remedy the situation. Treatment was done where needed inside and the perimeter of the house. Mr. Zada was professional and courteous. And for those of you who prefer no advertising — his truck has none.

[Frances]  Overall Rating: A

The person doing the job was very personable and seemed to be  very knowledgeable about treating the problem. I would not hesitate to recommend Green Pest Management. He was very thorough and spent plenty of time treating all suspect areas so when he left I felt the problem had been thoroughly addressed. Have not seen any ants since he was here almost 2 weeks ago.

[Gretchen] Overall Rating: A

This was a Big Deal for a $99.00 rodent exclusion package. The additional cost was for a larger home. They set traps and put down poisons. They put in screens to get rid of the mice problem. The service turned out good. Saab was great. [Randolph] Overall Rating: A

Great. Provider contacted me right after my purchase and was at my house the next afternoon. Explained what he found and answered all my questions. Luckily no major issue.

[Cheryl] Overall Rating: A

I wasn’t home when they came to perfrom the work, but when I inspected the work it met expectations.

[Robert] Overall Rating: A

They were cool and they are closer.

[Ryan] Overall Rating: A

They are so very nice and know their stuff and are able to explain to the client in detail, willingly, how eradication works and future possible problems, etc. We are looking forward to having them follow up with our wasp issues and lawn ants and anything else that may rear it’s head. They are a pleasure to have looking after our property and we feel total trust in them.

[Rana]Overall Rating: A

Excellent service. I have scheduled return visits with Saab and will continue to use his services.

[Robert] Overall Rating: A