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Grown-up ants comes in an assortment of shapes and sizes however each will be one of three unique types; males, workers and queens. Queens are the fertile females that lay every one of the eggs in a colony. The Workers are wingless females that assemble food, feed larvae, keep up and manage the nest, protect the colony, and don’t reproduce. Male ants have wings and their sole responsibility is to mate with the female ants during the swarming system.

Ants are most closely related to bees and wasps, which all have a narrow waist that segments their body. The body is separated into three parts—the head, thorax, and gaster (the part of the abdomen behind the waist). There are more than 12,000 species of ant, most of which are black, brown, or red in color.

Ants are found almost everywhere on the planet. The only areas that don’t boast populations of ants are Antarctica, Greenland, Iceland, and some island nations. Most species live in soil, leaf litter, or decaying plants.

The ant’s diet varies among species, but most eat leaves, seeds, small insects, nectar, and honeydew. Ants carry food back to the nest and are capable of carrying more than 10 times their weight. Looking for Ants removal services

Ants use their keen senses to communicate with colony members. They produce chemicals called pheromones, which are sensed by other ants using their antennae. They can also use their antennae or other body parts to send messages through touch. Touch messages are transmitted through stridulations, which are sounds and vibrations generated by one ant rubbing its body parts together. These forms of communication relay different messages, such as where food is located or what dangers are present.

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Identify & Control Common Pests

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