Got moths flying around in your home? In your closet? In your food pantry?

There are many different species of moths, but homeowners usually encounter clothes moths and pantry moths. These pests are attracted to a variety of household items, which they may use as a food source or a place to lay eggs.


Pantry moths eat dry goods, including grains, nuts, flours, spices, and chocolate. Clothes moths infest items like clothing and upholstery made of animal-based materials.

The extent of moth damage depends on the degree of infestation. A large population in the house can be quite costly. Clothes moth larvae leave behind holes in garments and feces stains as they feed, while large amounts of food may need to be thrown away due to contamination from pantry moth webbing, cocoons, and droppings.

Moths are capable of infesting a home long before their populations are noticed. As a result, substantial damage can occur to clothing or furnishings.

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