Commercial Pest Control

commercial pest control

Commercial pest control can be challenging because of the range of settings in which businesses reside. Green Pest Management’s pest control or extermination approach to a food-related establishment would differ from a day care center. The key to any commercial setting is to investigate factors which contribute to pest infestation. After this careful examination, we provide an action plan for appropriate pest control. Planning preventive pest management is the hallmark of our success.

Green Pest Management, LLC offers conventional and non-toxic treatments, all of which are EPA-approved. We work with products that are safe for both employees and residents.

Green Pest Management treats all types of commercial buildings within Fairfield County, CT, from 10 rooms to 11 floor buildings:

  • Restaurant pest control
  • Grocery store pest control
  • Nursing or adult care home pest control
  • Day care center pest control
  • School pest control
  • Hospitals and medical facilities pest control
  • Hotel and motel pest control
  • Industrial facilities pest control
  • And More

Common commercial pest management services for the following and more:

If you are a building manager or business owner in Fairfield County, CT, and your facility needs pest control that’s reliable, effective, affordable and safe, contact us today!

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