Bee Control

bee-pestEach year more people die from insect stings then poisonous snakes. The reason being is vast majority of people are allergic to the stings. In some people it can cause anaphylactic shock which can result in death if immediate medical care is not provided.

If you find a nest on your property call Green Pest Management, we will perform an inspection of your yard and home. Once we locate the nest, we will treat the pests as well as remove the source.

Customer Testimonial – Green Pest Management’s Bee Control Services

We don’t have any more bees. He was on time. He was efficient. There were no additional charges. It was very fast actually. I really didn’t really know, to tell you the truth, if that was the proper treatment for bees because I’d never had that before, but whatever he did, he did quickly, efficiently and the bees where gone. I guess I am waiting this summer to see if they’ll come back. I didn’t feel like I was overcharged. He was a very nice man and he did his job. He answered right away. We didn’t have any problems with him calling us. He didn’t call us afterwards to see if the bees where gone but he did leave his number and he said if there is any problem we should just give him a call. We are not dissatisfied in anyway.
[Stamford] Overall Rating: A


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